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Title: Didn't Know How Lost I Was
Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Length: 10,346 words
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Poe/Finn/Rey (Poe/Finn, Finn/Rey, Poe/Rey)
Summary: Finn hasn't taken his suppressors since he escaped the First Order, and he doesn't know what's happening to his changing body. Poe helps. Then Finn wants him to help Rey too.

Yeahhhhhh, so this is basically pure PWP working a virginity-loss kink pretty hard. I have nothing to say for myself.
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What up, guys, for Yuletide this year I wrote long weird horror fic for The Martian with threesome sexytimes. I am who I am.

Title: Who Reaps a Human Harvest in Alien Fields
Fandom: The Martian (movie)
Length: 16,703 words
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen/Mark Watney
Summary: Mark is pretty sure there's something up here with him, hunting him.

For [ profile] thelittlestdoc. Title from Aeschylus: "Never may the wanton lord of war, insatiate of battle-cry, Ares, who reaps a human harvest in alien fields, destroy this Pelasgian land by fire."
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Dear Yuletide author,

I have taken a few years off from Yuletide, but this year I'm back in, and I'm excited! I am psyched you are writing for me and I hope this wretched letter will be helpful. Feel free to ignore anything that doesn't float your boat, I am mostly throwing out a bunch of stuff in hopes it will spark an idea for you.

General Likes and Dislikes )

British Royalty RPF (Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, Prince William) )

Bedrooms and Hallways (Leo, Brendan) )

Veep (Dan Egan, Amy Brookheimer) )

For your reference, me on AO3, me on tumblr. Thanks again so much for writing for me! If you end up having any questions, you can ask [ profile] kyrafic or [ profile] tearupthesky, who know everything about me.
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Ummmmm yeah so this is long OT3 kidfic, idk! Before the movie tonight totally josses it probably, cutting that deadline close.

Title: Never Could Be Sweeter Than With You
Fandom: The Avengers (movies)
Length: 37,000 words
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Bruce Banner/Tony Stark/Pepper Potts
Summary: Bruce is having a casual thing with Tony and Pepper; Tony has a 12-year-old daughter. Things get less casual.

(Written before Avengers 2. Sequel to Through the Jungle, Through the Dark, wherein Tony got the surprise tween daughter.)

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Yuletide reveals! I did not actually participate in Yuletide this year -- instead I decided that I would just handpick a prompt that appealed to me to write a treat for and that way, no pressure if I didn't finish it, no pressure about anything, really. And it was a GREAT DECISION -- I don't write my best for prompts that are assigned to me, and so I feel way happier with the way this fic came out, and it was way more fun all around. And it is more fun writing for someone you know!

ANYWAY, for [ profile] irishmizzy, I wrote a fic where Amy and Dan from Veep get drunkenly married in Vegas and then stay married because it's good for their careers. I am honestly thinking about a sequel where they have a baby because it's good for their careers, because that sounds like something they would do and also I love babyfic.

Title: Hand in Unlovable Hand
Fandom: Veep
Length: 11,589 words
Pairing: Amy Brookheimer/Dan Egan
Summary: The one where Amy and Dan get married in Vegas and then turn those lemons into career lemonade.

P.S. If you guys aren't watching Veep, YOU SHOULD, it's my favorite show right now. It's crazy funny and everyone is so mean! Even the ladies! And I feel like it's a leveling up of female-lead comedies, because it feels MUCH less explicitly about being a lady (they said they based Julia Louis-Dreyfus's character on LYNDON JOHNSON HAHA AMAZING) but also has some of the best treatments of sexual harassment/assault I've ever seen on TV, and just of the general grinding bullshit of being a lady in politics. Also she is a bad mother which is hilarious and amazing, I can't believe that's allowed. IN CONCLUSION, it has become clear in these later years that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was the real actor comedic talent from Seinfeld, I am stoked she keeps winning Emmys, and you should all watch that show!
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holiday love meme 2013

my thread here

I keep meaning to make a real post, but whatever, take this for now I guess! I MISS YOU NERDS.
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Real LJ post coming someday, probably, but in the meantime, HI THERE, do you want to read some super dirty sex pollen PWP for the Fringe alternate universe hot threesome? It was written in email and not originally intended to be actual fic, so it's still pretty rough, but whatevs, it's PWP, not literature.

Title: Three of These Kids Belong Together by me and [ profile] tearupthesky
Fandom: Fringe
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Alternate Olivia Dunham/Alternate Charlie Francis/Alternate Lincoln Lee, Alternate Olivia Dunham/Alternate Lincoln Lee, Alternate Olivia Dunham/Alternate Charlie Francis, Alternate Charlie Francis/Alternate Lincoln Lee
Characters: Alternate Olivia Dunham, Alternate Charlie Francis, Alternate Lincoln Lee
Additional Tags: Sex Pollen, Threesome, Threesome - F/M/M, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Rimming, Double Penetration, Double Penetration in Two Holes, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Homophobic Language, Comment Fic, Dubious Consent, Vaginal Sex
Summary: In the alternate universe, Olivia and Lincoln and Charlie run into some sex pollen and then do dirty dirty things to each other. Commentfic. The rape/non-con warning is really a dubcon warning due to sex pollening, but to be safe!

Read it on the AO3.
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OH MY GOD, so I guess the universe heard me saying that I want to post more, because last night's TV was a FEELINGSPLOSION????????? I had Jamsomnia, you guys! I haven't had Jamsomnia in years!!!

New Girl )

Mindy Project, Go On, future Office spoilers )
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HELLO YOU GUYS, guess what, I wrote a yuletide fic and I'm going to link it now even though it's almost February and I am ridiculous:

Another Dime in the Jukebox for [ profile] tearupthesky (LOLOL REMEMBER HOW SHE GOT ME TWO YEARS IN A ROW, I guess what goes around comes around?????) -- Jason Sudeikis/Kristen Wiig. Saturday Night Live RPF. PG-13, no warnings. 3000 words. Kristen didn’t tell him she was coming back for the Christmas show.

This was a terrible year to sign up for yuletide because I totally got a job and moved to Madison, Wisconsin in November, soooooo yeah, that is why I've been so MIA around here and also the rest of the internet for the last forever. Why do new jobs/apartments/friends take up so much energy?!?! It's pretty sweet, though, I am getting paid money and it's a pretty cool job and I am making friends and there's even a boy I like, which hasn't happened in forever. Basically:

(P.S. I am totally rewatching the Mary Tyler Moore show right now and it holds up DISTRESSINGLY WELL. Also I keep wanting to make, like, a vid juxtaposing Mary & Lou Grant with Liz Lemon & Jack Donaghy and Leslie Knope & Ron Swanson, because talk about direct descendants, especially Liz/Jack. Maybe someday [after retirement?] I will have the time to do this.)

Fannishly, I have 6000 words of a New Girl babyfic written (post that episode with the fertility nonsense), and like 1500 words of a Go On fic written, but who knows if I will ever finish anything ever again. (Is Anne from Go On the greatest character ever or what? Discuss.) Also I am having a lot of emotions about 30 Rock ending and I have the same Boom Guy feelings re: The Office as everybody else (SOMEONE IS WRITING FIC, RIGHT? The Office feelings in 2013 ARE UNSETTLING).

Today I started toying with the idea of resuscitating [ profile] nothing_hip with once-a-month songs to try to get myself to finish something -- would anybody be in for this? (It's a fic challenge community where as a prompt I upload an awesome but not cool song, usually Top 40 pop kind of stuff, and then you write whatever you want. Will there be One Direction songs? PROBABLY.) LET'S DO IT, LJ RENAISSANCE AMIRITE.
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Dear Yuletide author,

For my long list of general likes and dislikes that probably bores everybody, see my past letters! 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. The more recent ones are more helpful than the less recent ones. The short version of my likes and dislikes is, I like things to be weird, and I don't have triggers. The mnemonic version is Underaged Space Incest. Would I be cool with this story as underaged incest set in a space AU? Yes.

Specific requests -- SNL RPF, Voice RPF, Greek Mythology )
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So a Catholic church in my city has two almost-full skeletons of saints, which is pretty crazy. And apparently they just had the relics analyzed by archaeologists, so that's kind of interesting, so I was reading the news article about it in the local paper, and then hit this: "Catholics venerate relics in part as a reminder of the saint’s holiness and to pray for their intercession, a practice that is alien to many Protestants who view it as idolatrous and ghoulish."

Lolololol WOW, don't hold back, Courier-Journal, way to keep it professional. GHOULISH.

Anyway, let's talk TV!

The Emmys )

The Office???????? )

Parks and Rec )

The Voice )
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Loling forever over this, GUESS WHAT, GUYS, WE FINISHED THE MOSEPOCALYPSE. EVERYONE IS STILL REALLY INTO THE OFFICE, RIGHT???????? What am I saying, why wouldn't you be, the quality of that show remains impeccable.

Title: This Colder Air
Authors: [ profile] kyrafic and [ profile] annakovsky
Fandom: The Office hahahahahahaha
Rating: PG
Length: 13,600 words
Author's Notes: Goes AU during season 3. We wrote 80% of this story in 2007, then abandoned it, then for some reason picked it up again now. Read it on the AO3.
Warnings: Character death.
Summary: This is the best apocalypse Mose has ever had.

( In the evenings, Toby turns the radio dial compulsively, spiraling through the static with his head tilted, listening. )
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Title: Abnormal Psychology and Domestic Terrorism
Fandom: Community
Pairing: Troy/Abed (Jeff/Britta, Abed/Britta)
Rating: PG
Length: 6200 words
Author's Notes: This is set after Troy and Abed moved in together, but before Annie moved in with them. For [ profile] moireach, on the occasion of her impending nuptials.
Warnings: Vandalism, monkey death.
Summary: The one where it turns out Abed's been accidentally reenacting Fight Club this whole time.

It's always been clear to Abed that he's not the protagonist of whatever show he happens to be on. )
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I wrote this whole thing after last week's Parks episode, and it might be a really unpopular opinion but whatever, I'm going to post it now before tonight's because I am pretty concerned about the direction the show is going and I don't knowwwwwww, you guys. There hasn't been an episode I super loved and instantly wanted to rewatch since The Treaty back in November, and even before that there was a lot more mediocrity than last season, and with the campaign I'm worried they've painted themselves into a corner they won't be able to get out of. HOPEFULLY TONIGHT'S EPISODE WILL BE BETTER, BUT I AM WORRIED.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. Negative opinions on the show and Leslie/Ben inside. )
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My holidays were super busy with family stuff so I've barely been on LJ at all, which means I didn't get a chance till now to rec the SUPER AMAZING FICS I GOT FOR YULETIDE.

My main fic was INSANELY PERFECTLY AIMED AT MY INTERESTS, because [ profile] tearupthesky got assigned to me for the second year in a row. Haha, poor kid. But she wrote me THE BEST PARKS & REC RON/LESLIE BABYFIC OMG YOU GUYS. Pancakes in the Age of Enlightenment -- in which Ron gets Leslie pregnant in a one-night stand, and Leslie's going to raise it as a single mother, but then they fall in looooove. The Ron POV is crazy crazy amazing, and it's super funny and also gets me in my heart place. It perfectly combines how married Ron and Leslie are with how they drive each other crazy, and I want like a zillion sequels of them with their daughter, and nothing about this could be better. If you haven't read it yet you really need to. Personally I have read it A LOT.

I also got Seth/Amy SNL RPF where they go on a roadtrip (not here looking for absolution by feartown) and Henry/Casey Party Down fic (Maple Syrup by misura)! AND a little Madness vignette also of Ron/Leslie (Best Wife Ever by foursweaterests)! Such awesome stuff, check those ones out too! I seriously can't believe I got something for all of my requests, people are so awesome.

I ended up writing two fics for Yuletide myself:

Tammy Swanson-Swanson's What to Do after Divorce Seminar Featuring Leslie Knope
Parks and Rec. Tammy 2/Leslie. Rated R. ~6800 words. Written for Deifire, thanks to [ profile] kyrafic and [ profile] tearupthesky for beta duty!

In which Tammy 2 seduces Leslie to annoy Ron and also because she's bored and due for a sex romp.

Write Your Name on the Earth in Gasoline
Party Down/SNL RPF. Henry/Casey. Rated R. ~6300 words. Written for [ profile] tearupthesky because after writing fic for me for yuletide like every year she deserved a treat.

In which Casey gets on SNL and moves to New York and she and Henry have to figure out what to do.

(I wish I hadn't been writing this one at the last minute, because I would've liked to have had SO MUCH MORE SNL stuff, like, a million things about Casey and Nasim sharing an office and Sudeikis hitting on everybody but being secretly in love with Wiig, but she won't have any of it because he's so awful [haha I have a lot of head canon for that], buuuuut I mostly kept it to a Party Down story. I would like to congratulate the multiple people who totally guessed this was me -- I almost emailed/commented you guys to be like LOL GOOD JOB but then I decided to pretend to play it cool. But seriously, good job, I am very impressed, especially since I'm terrible at guessing anon fics!)

Both those fics were super fun to write, which was really nice for yuletide!

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope 2012 is amazing.
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Title: A Modest Proposal (Part 1a)
Authors: [ profile] tearupthesky and [ profile] annakovsky
Fandom: Parks and Recreation
Pairing: Leslie Knope/Ben Wyatt
Rating: R for sexytimes
Length: 12,300 words in this part
Authors' Notes: Set immediately post-"Smallest Park," 4x08. Wouldn't normally post this as a WIP, but it will no doubt get completely jossed by the next episode and this thing is turning annoyingly epic, so we thought we might as well put it out there while it's still canon compliant. More parts coming soon!
Summary: The one where to avoid a sex scandal they just get married.

People in the Parks Department get married all the time. )
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Title: A Modest Proposal (Part 1b)
Authors: [ profile] tearupthesky and [ profile] annakovsky
Fandom: Parks and Recreation
Pairing: Leslie Knope/Ben Wyatt
Rating: R for sexytimes
Length: 12,300 words in this part
Authors' Notes: Set immediately post-"Smallest Park," 4x08. Wouldn't normally post this as a WIP, but it will no doubt get completely jossed by the next episode and this thing is turning annoyingly epic, so we thought we might as well put it out there while it's still canon compliant. More parts coming soon!
Summary: The one where to avoid a sex scandal they just get married.

Back to part 1a

...quote from Love, Actually, hold back your tears... )
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Dear Yuletide writer,

I am beginning to feel like these letters are more a way to tell one's flist what one is asking for than anything, but I will pretend I am writing this for you and not in the hopes that people will write me extra presents. BECAUSE I TOTALLY AM WRITING IT FOR YOU, THIS IS PURELY ALTRUISTIC TO HELP YOUR PROCESS, ASK ANYONE.

Parks and Rec, Party Down, SNL RPF )
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I've been having a weird impromptu X-Files marathon lately -- I haven't watched that show in FOREVER but for some reason out of the blue I got the urge to watch the first season episode "Eve", and it held up SHOCKINGLY WELL. I tend to the think of the first season as being kind of terrible, but man, I can see why my 14 year old self got really into it. (Also, hilariously, I have a lot of very specific memories of where I watched different episodes, and I was such a baby. Often it's like, WOW, I watched this for the first time while babysitting for the people who lived behind us, and I totally freaked myself out. Or, I had to go to my friend's play that Friday night, so I had to tape the episode on the VCR and it only taped half and I was super mad. Haha, being a fangirl in the mid-90s was the worst, remember how if you missed something that was just too bad? Unless you could find someone on a Prodigy X-Files message board who would send you a VHS tape in the mail?)

Anyway, here are some reflections on my very first fandom, more than 15 years after it first aired (augh):

The X-Files )

All right, I'm going to use that last point to segue into a discussion of Parks and Rec from last week, because a week late is how I like my episode reactions: Parks )

Also general Parks meta on Leslie )
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Man, Yuletide nominations not being open yet is making me so antsy. What are you guys going to request/offer? I reread Wuthering Heights lately and I REALLY want really dark, fucked-up fic, because omg that book has some distressing sexual subtext, but I am wary of asking for anything from a stranger that requires archaic language and/or explicit porn, so I think I'm probably not going to actually request it. In the end my three requests are looking like Parks and Rec (Leslie/Ron), Party Down (Henry/Casey), and SNL RPF (Seth/Amy), which three fandoms make me look like a HUGE LESLIE/BEN SHIPPER so it's kind of funny that I am not actually asking for Leslie/Ben.

(Like ALL the fic in that fandom is Leslie/Ben, you guys, it's so boring and Jammy. I just want some multishipping! Also why is there not more Ben/April/Andy fic? The whole roommates thing is pinging all my buttons. FORCED TO BE ROOMMATES: BEST SHOULD-BE TROPE THERE IS.)

A weird little side-note on Leslie/Ben fic -- the fic is SO manpain centric, even though the show really is not, it's really odd. The funny thing is that because manpain always requires the pain to be SO WAY OVER THE TOP (your whole family was murdered! your sister was abducted by aliens and it was supposed to be you! etc!) because men are of course not allowed to be sad about things normal humans are sad about, it means that the fic somehow has to make Ben being sad over a breakup into something WAY MORE EPIC than it is. No one has ever loved the way he has loved! He loved Leslie so much more than she loved him! Oh, fandom, you're so predictable, never change. If there is not a hot straight white male protagonist with canonical manpain, we will find one of those people and shoehorn it in, because what, are we supposed to treat non-white-male emotions as somehow important? Pshaw!

Anyway, have some actual show reactions:

Up All Night )

Community )

Parks and Rec )

Okay enough! I am so glad it's Thursday and there's new stuff tonight!


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